Studio Visit: WildCraft Studio School Part II

The class that was being conducted on the day we visited Wildcraft Studio School was a leather sandal making class taught by Rachel Corry. Chelsea promotes carpooling when heading out to White Salmon, so we hopped in the car with one of our favorite makers, Sarah Vale Rapp, the creative mind behind SEAECHO and were able to enjoy the hour and a half scenic drive from Portland. We have already had the chance to do a Studio Visit with Rachel so it was the perfect class to observe. Students were greeted with coffee, tea and delicious buckwheat and coconut heart shaped cookies accompanied with rhubarb compote (we’re still drooling thinking about them!) The rest of the morning was spent observing Rachel teaching the first few steps of the sandal making process including how to create the design as well as selecting leather and patterning the selected leather. We had a break for lunch that was prepared by the amazing Chef Alison Riegel who started the meal with Radishes served with salted butter, spring onion soup, fresh pepita bread, and a delicious salad with escarole endive and kale. After lunch, the sandals were completed by gluing the soles and tops together and sanding the edges to have a clean finished product. The sandals turned out great! But the laughs, sense of community, gorgeous surroundings and sharing of stories was even better! If you haven’t made the trip out there yet it is a must see and the summer calendar is full of amazing classes!