Studio Visit: The Good Mod

We spent a rainy afternoon at The Good Mod’s showroom and workshop in downtown Portland. Founded by Spencer Staley in 2006, The Good Mod started as a furniture store that has now evolved into a design studio that does build & design, upholstery and restoration. The showroom is stocked with mid-century gems and the workshop is filled with new projects for clients as well as for The Good Mod. Spencer is also working on a line of furniture for the home that was exciting to see! Check out the interview with founder Spencer Staley below.  


1. Why Portland? What was it that drew you to Portland or has kept you here?

I moved here when I was 18 . I liked the mountains and the ocean. I stayed because there was no reason to leave.

2. What are your favorite things happening in Portland (design or otherwise)?

The great food, people and fun and fancy free lifestyle

3. How did your brand start?

Out of my van. Selling furniture I fixed up out of the back of my van when I was 18. Since then I have grown organically. 

4. What or who inspires your design?

Innovation. Design thinking. Process. Inventing new ways of doing things. Learning new things. Mixing biology ,robotics, architecture and time travel.

5.What are your favorite things about Portland?

The land. And the water.

6. What is your favorite part of your studio?

The workshop. I like to make things with my hands and my machines. Also I would like to thank our amazing team. We have many talented people at The Good Mod and we all work together and I couldn't have done this with out those people.

7. Your favorite thing about your workspace?

The people and the ideas

8. Tell us two truths and a lie!

A triangle has 3 sides. The earth is a cube. Life is circular.

9. 5 things you can’t live without.

Family tennis making things skateboarding music