Studio Visit: Studio Olivine

Julie Everhart is the creative force behind Studio Olivine, a custom letterpress studio located in The Makery. Her work is immaculate and her knowledge and skill with the letter press is fascinating. We spent an early spring afternoon with Julie while she printed tags for Nell & Mary, the set up and the process that goes into printing each tag and the rhythm that Julie got into was really incredible! We are partial to the embossed look and how each one of Julie’s prints slightly vary - there is something so beautiful about the history and time that goes into using a letterpress. What we love most about Studio Olivine is that Julie focuses on small and local business in Portland. Clients include Pigeon Toe Ceramics, AK Vintage, BLTN Jewelry, photographer Autumn Northcraft and some our favorite bars and restaurants like The Sweet Hereafter and Savoy Tavern. Enjoy our visit with Studio Olivine!


1. Why Portland? What was it that drew you to Portland or has kept you here?

My family moved here when I was 12. Seemed appropriate I tag along. ;) I absolutely love this place. I don't feel anywhere else would have a better balance for my personality. I like city, but not big city. I like art and I like culture but I want it to be on an accessible level. I love how supportive this town is of artists and creative people. I love that in 1 hour I can be hiking in the mountains or walking on the beach. I feel we have a little bit of everything here and I'm not leaving!

2. How did your brand start?

I am a graphic designer first. I was working freelance and fielding as many jobs as possible to my friend who was a letterpress printer. I didn't know a whole ton about the mechanics of letterpress, but I knew I was in love with the result. After about a year of working together, my friend decided she wanted to sell her press and asked me if I wanted to buy it. I said yes without a second thought and brought it home. After a couple of years of fiddling and self teaching myself the process, it occurred to me that I could sell the art I was making. Luckily this idea became a reality and Studio Olivine was born in 2006.

3. What or who inspires your design?

Nature. Textiles. Anything that flows and has great movement. I draw everything by hand and love the organic result it has. My design is more inspired by my current mood than anything else.

4. Your favorite thing about your workspace?

The windows and amazing natural light. The other brilliant artists in my collective work community.

5. Tell us two truths and a lie!

I was born in Peru. I own 37 sweaters. I was captain of my high school dance team.

6. 5 things you can’t live without.

Adventures, my cat Homie, pickles, foot rubs and wine.