Studio Visit: The Granite

We’ve been trying to pin down The Granite for a Studio Visit for a couple of years now and things finally fell into place! Megan and Meg, the co-founders, warmly welcomed us into their good-looking North Portland studio. The studio is beautifully lit by sky lights and has the most comfortable vibe - part show room part production and everything has a place and a function. With their skill sets in interior design, metal smithing and ceramics, the pair has dialed in their line of ceramics to be perfectly clean and minimal.  The Granite makes a useful line of light-hearted ceramics; whether the vibrant color or the mesmerizing pattern each piece can’t help but make you smile. Every one of The Granite’s creations are meticulously slip cast and intricately hand painted. We couldn't get enough of the small serving dishes and the immaculate keepsake boxes

Take a peep at the photos from their awesome studio and the interview with Meg and Megan below. Enjoy!

1. Why Portland? What was it that drew you to Portland or has kept you here? 

We’ve both lived in Portland for about 10 years; Megan arriving from Seattle, WA and myself from Eugene, OR where I had studied at University of Oregon, it was a year or so before we met while working at a bar. I’m not sure either of us thought the move would be so permanent but we ended up sticking around and it is a great city. Of course, it is changing a great deal and we are a bit apprehensive about the scale and speed of the change. However, it is a city full of creatives who are working in all mediums: music, food, design, craft, art, literature…you name it.  It is exciting and inspiring to be surrounded by so many curious individuals who are invested in breaking the mold.  Here, we are also surrounded by many other women-owned businesses.  We love being a part of this community of driven, intelligent and strong-willed women.

2. How did your brand start? 

Before we were a brand each of us were makers and designers, both in professional capacities and in our own right.  A shared interest in visual and material culture as well as complementary aesthetic sensibilities made us natural collaborators.  We started working together as a hobby on a complex origami light, too complex in fact for it to ever really come to fruition, but from there it was somewhat seamless transition in to creating a variety of household products.  

3. What has been your biggest obstacle?

There is never enough time.  I think like most small and emerging businesses, we struggle with having enough time to do the many various tasks that go along with running a business as well as producing a product. This creates another obstacle: doing everything well and not rushing through a project that calls for patience.  The biggest struggle right now is making a space for creating new work as well as staying on top of our production schedule.

4. What is your favorite part of your studio?

We really lucked out with our studio-mates Barrow PDX Jewelry.  And the location is great (for me at least, for Megan who lives in deep Southeast, it is a bit of a long haul).

5. Your favorite thing about your workspace? 

Our giant worktable for cleaning up wet clay and whatever else needs to get done.  It’s tall and sturdy and gets some natural light from the skylights.