Closet Visit: Shelley Buche

Where do we even begin with Shelley? She is equal part badass, stylist, and social media guru for the beloved online mecca for all things shoes; Solestruck. We spent an early afternoon with Shelley getting to see her Northeast Portland home curated with art installations and vintage fetish accessories. There was a jug of Carlo Rossi in her fridge, but most importantly her shoe closet is stocked with brands such as ACNE, YES and,TBA. Shelley knows what she likes and how she likes it! And let’s be real, the girl knows her shoes! Enjoy her closet visit - and don’t forget to check out what’s new at


1. Who is your style influenced by?

Everyone and everything! I'm literally always saving inspiration photos and have a folder for pretty much everything. So, a lot of 90s-mid 2000's editorials from Tumblr, street style pics, random photos on Instagram, runway shows, movies, etc. and then somehow making all of that fit into an outfit that works for me.

2. Favorite place(s) to shop in Portland?

Solestruck (duh), American Apparel (eye roll, I know), Rock N' Rose, Mojave, Yo Vintage, Maven, Red Fox..

3. Describe your style!

It's always a struggle between my own personal comfort zone and the constant nagging in my head to branch out. Color is something that intrigues me, but I have a real hard time latching onto, so almost everything is black, and almost everything is accompanied with a leather jacket. I wanna say that if recent Saint Laurent and Spring / Summer 1996 Gucci had a bratty baby, that it would be me, but maybe that's just wishful thinking.

4. What is your spring must have?

The perfect black mini dress.

5. 5 things you can’t live without?

My leather jacket, my crystal Kontraho ring, pizza (always), a good liquid liner, and my phone (child of the internet, ugh).

6. 3 favorite items in your closet?

Right now it's my silver Acne mules, my dad's vintage 'Go Fuck Yourself' hat, and my Luv Aj x Stone Cold Fox belt from Mojave. 

7. How do you choose what you wear in the morning?

A lot of times I just wake up and have the need to put something on, like a super comfy oversized sweater, so I build off of that. Other times, it's an outfit that I've really been wanting to try out or planning ahead for something I have to do that day. Functional dressing - gross.

8. Tell us two truths and a lie!

I was born with a scar on the pupil of my right eye. I used to be Myspace famous. I just tried gin for the first time like a week ago. 

9. What is the best thing about your job?

Definitely all the talented babes I get to work with! Also, being on Tumblr and Instagram is an actual thing I get paid for. That's pretty sweet, too.

10. Any shopping advice you have?

I'm sure it's been said before, but be deliberate, and don't be lured in by a sample sale! Also, over the years I've definitely learned that it's better to save up or splurge a little on the thing you REALLY want and to be so happy with it than to settle. It's just never the same feeling if it's not what you had your heart set on.