Studio Visit: Red Clouds Collective

We spent an afternoon with brothers Seth and Casey Neefus, who run Red Clouds Collective’s new Northeast Portland headquarters. Red Clouds Collective is an amazingly skilled crew that have built a brand from the ground up by teaching themselves just about anything and everything as they go along. We are most impressed by Red Clouds’ ingenuity and drive to continually create utilitarian products that are thoughtfully designed and meticulously hand crafted. It’s a collective of true friends creating things that they would use, and things they see a need to produce. The process is simple for Red Clouds - a solid idea leads to exploration on how to make the item and once that step is complete, it’s produced all in house.  We love the idea behind The Signature Series, a joint effort between the Collective (and their friends) asked to design something essential to their lives. The products of The Signature Series are some of our favorites, we love the B.U.M. Towel: part towel part pancho - pure genius! Enjoy the photos of Red Clouds Collective’s new studio and interview with Seth Neefus!


All Questions were answered by Seth Neefus 

1. Why Portland? What was it that drew you to Portland or has kept you here?

Portland is full of amazing people with so much talent and good energy. It also reminds me of growing up in upstate New York so it immediately felt like home.

2. What are your favorite things happening in Portland (design or otherwise)?

I love the attention that the people in this city give to their crafts, it is a place that allows for you to develop your hobbies into a profession with so much support from friends and mentors. Portland lets you take a risk once in awhile and it usually pays off.

3. How did your brand start?

Red Clouds was a group of friends and all we did was make stuff together, from artwork and music, to building skateboard ramps and we always feed off each others energy. As the years passed, I saw the potential in this and decided to start a brand with this particular group of friends as the inspiration for the products we would make. Each product had to have a purpose and a story. And that was the idea behind starting Red Clouds Collective.

4. What has been your biggest obstacle?

The days are too short.

5. Who are your design icon(s)?

The people who make things to last and do it out of necessity and love. We all have them in our lives, but mine just happen to be the people around me.

6. What are your favorite things about Portland?

Everything is at an arms reach, from music to art shows, to the mountains and ocean, it is all a few pushes on a skateboard a short drive away. 

7. What is your favorite part of your studio? 

My favorite part about my studio and work is that I get to make things with my brother and the friends who inspire us.

8. Your favorite thing about your workspace? 

It's a large space with natural light.

9. Tell us two truths and a lie! 

I want to become a teacher

I drink coffer everyday

We started our brand in Alaska

10. 5 things you can’t live without.





Working for what I love.