P.S. Co. x Nau Makers Series: Harding & Wilson

Peter Lee is one of the brilliant minds behind Harding & Wilson, a studio that creates custom bow ties in Portland. Each bow tie is carefully stitched and sewn with hand picked fabrics that are truly redefining stylish neckwear. Inspired by the need to spruce up their attire for holiday functions, Peter and his business partner Alex Nguyen decided to start creating bow ties. We had the chance to hang out with Peter in some of his favorite Portland staples that included an awesome garden in the Woodstock neighborhood, Otto’s Deli and Ship Ahoy. Portland has been a good niche for Harding & Wilson because of the rapid growth of retail businesses in the area. Peter believes in sustainability and investing in pieces that last, which is reflected in his own craft in the studio. Keep on the lookout for these guys and check out the unique line of bow ties on Nau's website!


1. How do you incorporate style and function into your everyday life?

My personal style is very understated and ultimately revolves around durability. I look for items that will last and break in as I continue to wear them.

2. 5 Things you can’t live without?

In no particular order:

Family and friends

A good IPA

My pocket knife

Live music

Breakfast Burritos

3. Where do you go to get away?

I grew up playing a lot of different sports and anytime I get a chance, I love catching a game with some friends. Whether its the Timbers or Blazers here in town, or a trip up to Seattle for a Mariners game, sports have always been an escape for me.