Store Visit: Milk Money

Founded only a few months ago by Emily Backerman and  Maria Phinney, Milk Money is a online vintage shop. We love the aesthetic of their shop, it’s relevant vintage done right! These ambitious ladies are also looking to open a brick and mortar shop in the near future. Milk Money just shot their first lookbook with some seriously great Portland talent: photographer Hannah Lewis-Lopes, models Ally Smith and Anna Alek, make up by Christopher Guild, styled by Emily, Maria and Jordan Barnes. Check out some of our favorite shots below along with a great interview!

Milk Money has a pop up shop coming up with with a few other Portland creatives at Multiplex (625 NW Everett #101) on January 25 from 5-10 pm and on Saturday 26th from 12-5 pm with djs and drinks!


1. What made you open online store?

We both struggle with serious shopping addictions so we figured we could do something productive with them. We felt that it would be exciting to contribute our own finds on a global scale and further fund our addiction in a way that would benefit others’ closets.

2. How did you come up with the name

It was quite a struggle; we went through several names before settling on Milk Money. It happened one day walking home from conveyor belt sushi, we liked the playful juvenile attitude associated with the term; money you were meant to spend on sustenance, money your momma gave you, but instead you spend on something you love.

 3. How do you find clothing?

Thrifting has always been a passion of ours; the chance of finding something amazing somewhere completely unexpected is a constant drive. We both love to travel and have made shopping a big part of exploring new places which has brought items from all over the world to our little shop.

 4. Top 3 fav things in our collection

-       Silver mesh mini dress

-       Burnout velvet shrug

-       An amazing Kimono style vintage floral dress that we'll be shooting and posting this week!

 5. Two truths and a lie

We spent $90 on cocktails while responding to these questions.

Our next lookbook will showcase how good our clothes look with Crocs.

We spent 3 weeks in Europe and had to buy a new wardrobe bc the airline lost all of our luggage.