Closet Visit: Maya Dahlgreen

We spent the Monday after halloween with our friend, the fantastic and lovely Maya Dahlgreen. I mention halloween only because Maya went as Karl Lagerfeld, and they both share a love for black, white, fur and leather.  Maya is the assistant store manager at Solestruck as well as graphic designer for the company. Maya’s collection of shoes and coats is inspiring, and seems very appropriate for the Pacific Northwest. And her shoe collection makes us hurt inside…she has a magical shoe collection. Plus the girl sews! She told us that she had some frustrating dilemmas about wanting certain clothing (from brands that we will not mention) but struggled with the price point, so whats a girl to do? She figures out how to make it herself!! We love her and oh yeah and, her amazing closet!


1. Who are your fashion icons?

I have a few...Jane Birkin, Erin Wasson, Linda Rodin, and of course where it all began-- Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen!

2. Favorite place(s) to shop in Portland?

Solestruck-- of course! Frances May, Communion, Yo! Vintage, Palace, Mojave, to name a few. 

3. Describe your style!

I would like to think my style is simple bohemian with a bit of rock.

4. What is your fall must have?

Leather and fur! I'm a freak for a good coat. 

5. 5 things you can’t live without?

Black jeans, a white tee shirt, my dark green leather jacket, my boot collection (that counts as one!), and my rings (that's one too!)

6. 3 favorite items in your closet?

My dark green leather jacket I mentioned above, my dark green Stone Cold Fox dress, and my shearling black moto coat. 

7. How do you choose what you wear in the morning?

This is hard, because I take a long time to get to this decision! I think I just wake up and NEED to put something on. Whether it be a plain black sweater or a fur jacket, something calls to me when the process starts!

8. Tell us two truths and a lie!

Truth, Black is my favorite color. Truth, I don't wear jean colored jeans-- only black. Lie, I don't wear Uggs...

9. Any shopping advice you have?

I used to be a bad shopper and would just buy anything I thought I liked. Bad idea. Think things over, don't buy on impulse, buy things that are timeless and can be worn with lots of different things. If something is calling your name, revisit it, put it on hold, don't just drop the cash on the spot, unless you literally can't walk out the door unless you own it. Don't be afraid to buy things that are out of what you usually wear, style is ever changing.