Closet Visit: June Bhongjan

June Bhongjan had us over to home she shares with boyfriend Joe Cardillino on a sunny Thursday afternoon for mimosas, cinnamon rolls and dress up. Her well curated home and wardrobe were an absolute dream to shoot! June’s home has turned into a creative space where she experiments with interior design, DIY projects, video editing, and anything else she puts her mind to. June is about as crafty as they come, if she finds something she loves she can figure out how to make it - a coveted skill to say the least. She has been working with the blog and youtube channel, Boat People for the past few years making amazing DIY videos. She is a fantastic videographer with a great eye who got her footing in snowboarding world and is now transitioning into more curated DIY and fashion videos. She also photographs for Apartment Therapy, a girl of many talents! Enjoy June, Joe and their adorable dog McKenzie's beautiful Sellwood home, and peek into her fantastic closet.


1. Who is your style influenced by?

A monochromatic laid-back alien.

2. Favorite place(s) to shop in Portland?

Woonwinkle, Stars, Portland Nursery and Portland Supply!

3. Describe your style!
Generally, I lean towards comfort, but I get excited over statement pieces. I love mixing modern silhouettes, some grunge influences and a few sporty elements.

4. What is your spring must have?

Colorful bralettes!

5. 5 things you can’t live without?

 1. My camera
 2. My 12ft tipi  
 3. My motorcycle 
 4.  House plants
 5. Hair Bleach

6. 3 favorite items in your closet?

Silk and leather geometric floating panel crop top by Shakuhachi
Black leather jacket
Rainbow glitter black velvet leggings

8. Tell us two truths and a lie!

Went to school with the Olsen twins and Kirsten Dunst.
I have permanent tissue damage from shooting in the winter.
My dog's name is sailor moon.

9. What is the best thing about your job?

Creative freedom

10. Any shopping advice you have?

 Buy what you'll wear and wear what you buy. Sometimes I catch myself shopping for the sake of shopping and not really buying items I really want. I'm trying to make a conscious effort to consume less and create more DIY projects.