In My Shoes: Jillian

Meet Jillian – the sassy lil’ shop babe at Solestruck's Portland, OR flagship store. Not only does she have like super human knowledge of 1D and a penchant for all things Givenchy (just wait til I Bling Ring the shit out of her collection), but she also has the cutest cat in the entire Lake Oswego area (sadly, not pictured, but you can see the uber suave Ramone here). We stopped by the shop to take a stroll around the block with Jill for some photos, and maybe a jello shot.. or 6.


Current song stuck in your head?

XXX 88 ft. Diplo by MØ. If you haven't gotten into her yet, get on that.

Netflix obsession(s)?

Parks and Recreation and Buffy the Vampire Slayer on repeat.

Style inspirations/icons?

The Olsen Twins, Miroslava Duma, Carine Roitfeld.

Most annoying thing about getting ready in the morning?

How often I dream of getting ready, only to wake up and have to do it again.

If you could talk to your cat/dog/whatever, what would you say?


Which Ice would you fuck, marry or kill? Ice Cube, Vanilla Ice or Ice T?

Marry Ice Cube, Fuck Vanilla Ice, Kill Ice T because I had to google who that was.

Which Prince would you rather fuck, marry or kill? Prince (as in Purple Rain), Prince William or Freddie Prinze Jr.?

Marry (the artist-formerly-known-as) Prince, Fuck Freddie Prinze Jr., Kill Prince William. I was always more of a Prince Harry girl.

Which Destiny's Child member would you fuck marry or kill? Michelle, Kelly or Beyonce?

Marry Beyonce, Fuck Kelly, Kill Michelle. Who cares about Michelle.

Favorite TV show of all time?

Boy Meets World forever.

Go to magazine?


Would you rather speak any language fluently or be able to speak to animals?


Would you rather fart popcorn or have your past, present and future web history available to the public?

Definitely fart popcorn.

Favorite Trend? One that should die?

If I never saw a pair of Crocs again I would be happy.

Most epic purchase?

My Givenchy Antigona! <3

Favorite worst pickup line?

"If you're anything like your mother, we'll have a great time tonight."

Best compliment you have ever gotten?

That I have reminded several people of Aubrey Plaza.

Favorite meme or viral thing? Or one that you wish would just gtfo

I want famous internet cats to be around forever. Half my instagram feed is cats.

Favorite personality trait of yours?

I asked my best friend and she said, "That you are a bitch." So let's go with that.

What's one thing in your closet that you'd never sell on eBay, no matter how tight your budget got?

My Givenchy purse. That thing will be my baby forever.