Closet Visit: Cecelia Doan

Cecilia Doan is a Strategist at Instrument, a digital creative agency as well as founding and illustrating for the blog Shit Bloggers Wear. We love her blog and the sense of satire and envy it evokes in such a simplistic way - and her illustrations are killer! Doan has some serious show stoppers in her closets but it’s her shoe collection that had us drooling for the duration of the visit (and we are still thinking about it). We died over her Dries Van Noten Black Tortoise Loafer Heel and the Checkered Slingbacks. Her Visvim FBT’s are another shoe she was proud of - she glowed when she mentioned that she found the pair in her size at Table of Contents. Lets just put it this way the girl is head over heels for great shoes, and we love it! Forcibly moving on from shoes because this isn’t just a shoe visit… Cecilia had her vintage Jackie Rodger’s dress for Instrument’s holiday party beautifully displayed in her closet room (yeah thats right we are calling it a closet room because not too many people in Portland have rooms that they turn into closets). She wore a Lift Label Kimono with custom Lift drop crotch pants, an androgynous outfit that brings out Doan’s Tomboy style. Her all black outfit was one of our favorites: ALC black moto jacket, thrifted slitted dress, vintage sunglasses and last (but not least) those damn Balenciaga ankle boots!! Oh yeah and there is an amazing Stella McCartney jumpsuit that made an appearance as well and some stellar vintage pieces mixed into her wardrobe.  Cecilia is killing it and we are so happy that she is choosing to kill it in Portland! Enjoy - like really enjoy!



1. Who is your fashion inspiration?

Editors Emmanuelle Alt and Taylor Tomasi Hill. Musician Chase Cohl. (ref:

2. Favorite place(s) to shop in Portland?

Table of ContentsAlder & CoOdessaHalo Shoes.

3. Describe your style!
Americana x Bohemian x French chic

4. What is your fall must have?

A fuzzy coat that will make me look like a teddy bear. Haven't found it yet! 

5. 5 things you can’t live without?

Friends and family

Vietnamese food

Isabel Marant dicker boots. They're just so easy … I have them in 3 colors. 

Fancy sweatpants


6. 3 favorite items in your closet?

Only three?! That is so hard … 

I'm into comfortable and easy as of late. My sweater onesie by Lauren Manoogian means I can get away with practically wearing a snuggie in public.

Balenciaga ankle boots. I've had them for 3 months and it looks like I've worn them for years. 

I legitimately wear quite a bit of menswear. Visvim FBT moccasins and Engineered Garments plaid blazer are some of my faves.

7. How do you choose what you wear in the morning?

It sounds kind of funny, but I assess whether I'm in the mood to dress like a lady that day, or a tomboy. On average, tomboy comes out more during the day and lady in the evenings. 

8. Tell us two truths and a lie!

My family is a bunch of musicians, writers and designers. I've got a vertical jump of 2 feet. I eat sushi for breakfast.

9. What is the best thing about your job? 

I work at Instrument ( It challenges me to think smart, be creative, and to be kind to my work family. I can also usually wear whatever I want! 

10. Any shopping advice you have?

Check out this blog before you buy anything …