P.S. Co. x Nau Makers Series: Lunasol

Lindsey Alonzo is a Portland based jewelry designer behind LunaSol. Combining the elements of moon (luna) and sun (sol), Lindsey draws inspiration from her Hispanic heritage by incorporating African, Native American and Mexican cultures into her work. She began making jewelry with beads, but evolved into metals and textiles that helped symbolize and tell stories that tied back to her native roots. We had the privilege of hanging out with Lindsey at a few of her local favorite spots including Sweedeedee, The Bluffs and Por Que No and wearing some of her favorite Nau clothing. Lindsey uses brass, fiber, accents of colors and thin braiding techniques to carefully construct each piece of jewelry. Her passion for rich culture is evident in the creation of her earrings, necklaces, rings and cuffs. Lindsey’s adventurous spirit, love for the outdoors and overall intricate aesthetic is what makes LunaSol so unique in the jewelry business. Being originally from the Midwest, Lindsey has made a home in Portland and found the progressive nature to be encouraging, especially being surrounded by so many like-minded artists in the city. Check out her shop as well as her awesome lookbook to see featured pieces from her Desert Dweller collection!

How do you incorporate style and function into your everyday life?

The older I get the more I realize that sometimes I have to choose function over style.  This usually applies to what I’m doing that day.   If I am riding my bike, maybe I won’t wear my clogs with heels, etc.   When shopping, I’m not necessarily looking for pieces that are both stylish & functional but when I find pieces that are, even better! Usually if I like something enough, I’ll buy it and sometimes this means I have to alter it in some way to make it more functional to me. It’s important to feel good in what I’m wearing.

5 things you can’t live without?

·      Music

·      Wine

·      Avocados

·      Jewelry

·      Family

Where do you go to get away?

In the summer I like the adventure of finding new swimming holes to check out.  Being in water is one of my favorite things and in Oregon, the rivers are beautiful and very relaxing. All the other months, I love to get out of town and hike or go to the coast. I always come back to the city feeling refreshed.

P.S. Co. x Nau Makers Series: Harding & Wilson

Peter Lee is one of the brilliant minds behind Harding & Wilson, a studio that creates custom bow ties in Portland. Each bow tie is carefully stitched and sewn with hand picked fabrics that are truly redefining stylish neckwear. Inspired by the need to spruce up their attire for holiday functions, Peter and his business partner Alex Nguyen decided to start creating bow ties. We had the chance to hang out with Peter in some of his favorite Portland staples that included an awesome garden in the Woodstock neighborhood, Otto’s Deli and Ship Ahoy. Portland has been a good niche for Harding & Wilson because of the rapid growth of retail businesses in the area. Peter believes in sustainability and investing in pieces that last, which is reflected in his own craft in the studio. Keep on the lookout for these guys and check out the unique line of bow ties on Nau's website!


1. How do you incorporate style and function into your everyday life?

My personal style is very understated and ultimately revolves around durability. I look for items that will last and break in as I continue to wear them.

2. 5 Things you can’t live without?

In no particular order:

Family and friends

A good IPA

My pocket knife

Live music

Breakfast Burritos

3. Where do you go to get away?

I grew up playing a lot of different sports and anytime I get a chance, I love catching a game with some friends. Whether its the Timbers or Blazers here in town, or a trip up to Seattle for a Mariners game, sports have always been an escape for me.

P.S. Co. x Nau Makers Series: Kiriko

Dawn Yanagihara is the Creative Director and Co-Founder of Kiriko, a clothing line that specializes in Japanese-style fabrics and textiles here in Portland. We were able to meet with Dawn at some of her favorite spots in town, such as Coava Coffee, Angel Face and the dog park. Originally from Hawaii, Dawn decided to call Portland home over three years ago, and launched Kiriko with the help of her business partner and co-founder Katsu Tanaka. Dawn’s lifestyle is clearly reflected in her work by how intentional she is. Whether it’s where she’s chosen to locate herself geographically speaking, the kind of pieces she creates and purchases or her overall positive outlook on the maker industry. It’s obvious when you talk to Dawn that she believes in curating locally as well as incorporating culture and passion into everything she does at Kiriko. She also believes in using materials that have a story to tell, and using them to teach others how to value and appreciate the textiles that we wear on a daily basis. Be sure to check out the kimonos, scarves, ties and other goods that Dawn and the rest of her team at Kirko have curated!

This post is in collaboration with Nau.


1. How do you incorporate style and function into your everyday life?

I actually don't shop that often, but when I do, I'm really selective in the pieces I buy. I always take into account the function of a piece as well as its style, if I love the look of an item, but if it doesn't have the right pockets, or details, I won't get it.  I believe in the mantra of "spend more, buy less." Meaning, I want things that I can hold onto that will last me for more than a season.

2. 5 Things you can’t live without?

1 90s R&B.

2 A good notebook.

3 Green tea.

4 Home. (Hawaii)

5 My girl.

3. Where do you go to get away?

I go back to Hawaii about two times a year. My family still lives there, and whenever I feel the need to leave Portland, my first want is to fly back home to see them. Throw in a hike, some good local food, and a little time in the ocean, and I'm completely recharged.