Closet Visit: Cabana

Monika Krieger and Ashley Agee were high school best friends that have always had a knack for fashion. Both ended up working in the creative community, Monika as a stylist and Ashley as a graphic designer. And together they joined forces to make Cabana - an online shop and hosting Cabana parties, Monika and Ashley come to you! It’s like a cool version of Mary Kay and we love it, nothing sounds better to us than shopping in the comfort of your own home with your gal pals! Enjoy our double hitter closet visit, we started at Ashley’s North Portland and ended up in Southeast at Monika’s home and where the Cabana headquarters are located! Both of these lovely ladies had rooms for closets! We were impressed. It seems like they are clearly on the same page and onto something very good with Cabana. Cheers!


All Questions were answers by Ashley Agee (AA) and Monika Krieger (MK)

1. Who is your style influenced by?

AA: Anyone who looks comfortable, effortless and classic.

MK: Im influenced mostly by people around me, blogs, magazines, I think its a collective of everything I surround myself with. And obviously Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, I think we would be best friends. 

2. Favorite place(s) to shop in Portland?

AA: CABANA! Canoe and Woonwinkle for homestuff, Solestruck...and wherever else Monika takes me.

MK: Solestruck, Monticello Marketplace, CABANA (obviously), Eden and Alder & Co. 

3. Describe your style:

AA: Ummmm....tomboy meets girl? Something like that. Tons of chambray/denim, vans, a good pair of Chelsea boots, flannels, my panama hat and occasionally a simple dress. I have always leaned toward the minimal side, clean lines and neutral colors.

MK: Im not sure if I have a specific style, I think I'm a mix of past and present, an influence of current fashion mixed with good vintage. 

4. What is your Spring must-have?

A.A: White...anything. Also my J Crew trench.

MK:  Moscow mules, bell bottoms, more cactus’    

5. 5 things you can’t live without?

A.A: Alexander, Jackson and Ranger (my dogs, we’ll count them as one) Coffee, Slippers and Jimmy Fallon

MK:  Chapstick, coconut oil, vans, my Family, and the sun    

6. 3 Favorite items in your closet?

AA: Leather tote from Madewell, Black Zuma Dress from Otis & Maclain Floral Bells from Novella Royale

MK: My Stone cold fox dress I got for my engagement, my green leather Kenzo jacket, and my vintage cocktail rings that I've been collecting from my Mom and Oma since I was 13 

7. How do you choose what you wear in the morning?

AA: It all depends on where I’m at, I spend half of my weeks at the coast and on those days, it’s pretty basic; my go tos are my boyfriend shorts with a sweater and my vans. When in Portland I’ll throw on a dress or add some more layers and wear some nicer shoes. But no matter what, I have to be ready to chase my dogs and my man on a hike to the beach or around the city at any given minute of the day. We are always on the go!

MK: I generally start with one piece and work from there, and if that doesn't work I change a hundred times and my closet looks like it exploded on me. 

8. Tell us two truths and a lie!


I had to wear headgear as a kid.

I once sat at Easter brunch with Julia Roberts, Matthew Mcconaughey, Gwen Stefani, Courtney Cox, Steven Spielberg and a few other big shots in Malibu.

I drive a lifted hummer with a sawed off top and machine guns loaded and ready for the zombie apocalypse.


I drove a pickup truck with “i love my mom and dad” painted on the tailgate

I took a year off to live in a treehouse compound in Costa Rica

I have a tattoo on the inside of my bottom lip 

9. What is the best thing about your job?

AA: The freedom. Working from home gives me the amazing opportunity to have many little adventures throughout the day. My boyfriend also works from home and so we split our weeks between Portland and Manzanita...and some weeks we literally live out of a van with our dogs when he has to be on the road traveling for his job. It’s an amazing set up and I pray everyday that I am able to keep this little shenanigan up.

MK: I get paid to shop and work with my best friends. My friends are really funny too so I'm constantly laughing, theirs never a dull moment at my job! 

10. Any shopping advice you have?

AA: Comfort and classiness should always be considered. Look for pieces with longevity because those are the things you can always mix with current trends. 

MK: Don't shop at the same places, mix up your style and don't be afraid to take a risk.