Studio Visit: Boet

Emily Bixler’s art background and expertise in fiber has lead to her stunning wearable fiber and metal accessory line Boet. Bixler’s studio space is behind the Northwest storefront and gallery OKO, and is situated amongst other great Portland creatives. Emily commented that she feeds off of the bustle and energy of the shared space. Her studio was everything we had dreamt of and more, walls were decorated with her amazing mounted horse tail pieces, rope sculptures lined the walls and horse hair tassels accessorized the space beautifully. Boet’s chain and crocheted necklaces are unbelievably intricate, the amount of detail that goes into each piece is impressive. Whether you wear it or hang it Boet just feels so special, we can’t help but want it all! We always have to stop and enjoy her rope sculpture that adorns the walls of Gold + Arrow salon! Enjoy the photos and interview with the lovely and talented Emily Bixler.


1. Why Portland? What was it that drew you to Portland or has kept you here?

I moved here to attend college (PNCA) and, despite attempts to relocate, have always ended up back in Portland. Having been here for over a decade, it has been amazing to grow with the city. I feel so blessed to be part of such a rich community of makers...and love that, after all these years, there are still so many amazing places to explore.

2. How did your brand start?

I have always made it a point to treat jobs as internships...this goal has landed me in incredible positions working for a wide range of artists. After years in the knitwear and jewelry industries, and a few years learning millinery with the amazing Dayna Pinkham, I found myself wanting to blend some of the skill I learned along the way - and thus BOET was born

3. Who are your design icon(s)?

There is such a range here I could go on for days...inspiration is pulled anywhere from the current fashion world to that amazing Samurai show at PAM. I have spent many days happily lost in the world of Sheila Hicks, and Richard Tuttle. I recently picked up a copy of beyond craft: the art fabric and am blown away by the complicated and intricate world of fiber artists...this has been my obsession as of late. In the fashion world, I gravitate to Issey Miyake, Alexander that resides on the art side of wearable...if that makes sense.

4. What is your favorite part of your studio?

Probably the messy wall that is secretly covered in grubby fingerprints and too many holes that need to be patched up...that I hang, and re-hang new sculpture and necklace ideas on. Whenever I find it empty, with all of its marks and nails exposed, I am immediately inspired to make more.

5. Your favorite thing about your workspace?

I recently purchased a larger work table (one that already feels too small). I love when production is heavy and the table becomes a glorious mess of earrings and some weird map of my design process.

6. Tell us two truths and a lie!

I learned how to tie knots after my trip sailing around the world, I'm crazy for lap swimming and my parents had a hot air balloon business when I was a kid.

7. 5 things you can’t live without.

popcorn, Winnipeg Cheddar (my pup), a really good hamburger, my #2 crochet hook, and sand in between my toes