Store Visit: Backtalk

On our recent visit to Backtalk we got to hang out with the enchanting owner Katle Freedle. She has created an immaculately designed store that is in the middle of the Mississippi district of Portland. Freedle stocks her store with beautiful  accessories from local and non-local designers. Her own jewerly line Rill Rill is sold at the store and online, Freedle has created an amazing line of simplistic, geometric, metal jewelry. She prides her shop on having a great selection of handcrafted jewelry, small press, visual art, eyewear, handbags and, vintage and contemporary clothing.



Tell us about Backtalk! 

Backtalk was on Alberta for a year and moved over to the lovely Mississippi Ave this March. Alberta was a good starting point but Mississippi is a super great fit for the shop--i love the location, people, vibes, space, everything. It's a huge bonus being across the street from Mississippi Studios, we get a lot of cool band mates on tour stopping in--sky ferreira was a trip! 

What made you decide to open a store front?

I had been making jewelry for about 2 years before I opened the shop. I was having a lot of luck with pop-up shops and bazaars in Portland and wanted a permanent place to showcase my work. I studied journalism:advertising, multi-media and business in college so wanting to be an entrepreneur made sense.  I've been a huge fan and collector of vintage for years and thought it would compliment my designs and personality perfectly.

What is the concept behind the store?

Everything in the shop carefully curated and either local or independently handmade. Supporting independent designers and giving them an outlet is most important to me. I think its super cool that you can come into the shop and buy something straight from the designer.

How did you come up with the name Backtalk?

It was a bit of a random brainstorming process. But the word "Backtalk" stuck because, just like it sounds, I am a little sassy.  I remember my mother always telling me "no backtalk". But I think speaking my mind makes me who I am. Backtalk cultivates the essence of individuality.

What are your favorite things in the store?

There's always loads of special vintage pieces that I have an extremely hard time parting with, perfectly fitted leather jackets, silk kimonos, the perfect shift, but we have an amazing selection of jewelry as well. I think my favorite piece is a new one from local designer Foxtail. She used a cold-connection method of setting these amazing stones in geometric metal that I've never seen before. We just got in some killer leather and canvas clutches too---must haves.

Who are your style icons?

Prince, Alexa Chung, The Olsens 

Where are your favorite places to shop?

Palace, No Shop, Beacon's Closet