Portraits of Everyday People by Christa Fowles

We are excited and feel so lucky to introduce our intern and new friend Christa Fowles. She was introduced to us by the skilled Kassandra Summerville, and we have seen her take time from her busy job letter pressing for Egg Press here in town to pursue her passion for photography. She has helped us in the studio and on visits and has given us a fresh perspective and some great insight. Christa recently started a project that she has challenged herself to post a portrait a day for all of 2015. Titled "Every Day People"  she daily posts to her new instagram (@every.day.people) and website a portrait of a interesting human, that you may or may not know, either way she makes you want to know them. Her capability to capture people at their most sincere is compelling and makes her positive and endearing attitude to her surroundings captivating. Below she has picked a few of her favorite portraits thus far to share with us as well as taken some time to describe the project further - Enjoy! xo, J + M. Click through the slide show below! 


I wanted to set a personal challenge for myself in 2015. One that would grow my skills as a portrait photographer, as well as provide unique opportunities for meeting interesting people. You'll see portraits of my friends and family and those I encounter on a daily basis, but also candid captures of encounters (intentional or by chance) with strangers, rock polishers, live action role players, musicians, creatives... and others into the unknown future. There's never a lack of interesting subjects when you live in a city whose motto is to keep things weird, and I've enjoyed taking small steps into the worlds of others I might not normally meet. Things are getting interesting, and I've only just begun.

Thanks to the Portland Supply Co ladies for taking me on, bringing inspiration through their work and always keeping things fun!